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This and That

Hence my first post

Cooking guilty pleasures – It didn’t take no more than a few minutes to decide on this name. No prizes for guessing the reasons. This is evidently because cooking is my guilty pleasure and I love cooking guilty pleasures. Ever since I realised cooking is my passion I have been thinking of compiling my recipe collection in to a book. The thought process has been active for well over a few years and failed to metamorphose into any action. The sensible lobe of my brain says a blog is more promising than years of “I am still thinking of my recipe book”. And here am with yet another blog about nothing  but recipes and more recipes. I whine, crib and mourn about everything but cooking. I cook when I’m happy , I cook when I’m angry too , and it’s proven therapeutic to me 🙂 .Before I hit the ‘publish this post button’ , I would like to thank my Mom, who according to me makes the best comforting dishes , for being my “Ammu”, both my paternal and maternal grand moms for letting me inherit the genetic material ( I wasn’t given a chance to opt out :P) , everyone who has helped me learn something new and my ever critical and rarely appreciating family and friends.